It was Christmas and I was in my room listening to the radio and then I heard a very important piece of news. Santa was stuck in a chimney. My heart was thumping, I didn't know what to do, then I had a brilliant idea. I would need to get a long pole or brush, a soft mattress and a safety kit in case he was injured. I would go into the person's house and poke Santa out from the inside. But would my plan work? I went along to the persons house and knocked on the door(knock knock knock)." hello," said an old lady. "how can I help you."

"this may sound a little mad but Santa Claus is stuck in your chimney,"I said

"what... Santa claus is in my chimney...... well we better get him out, come on" said the lady.

I raced upstairs and pushed Santa out of the chimney. He fell onto the mattress so I rushed dounstairs. He had some scraches so I put some plasters on him. "there," I said.

"thank you very much for rescuing me, i couldn't have saved Christmas if it wasn't for you, so I am going to give you one of rudoulph's babies," said Santa Claus

"Oh my, it's beautiful," I said. "thank you very very much, it will be called Snowball.