Once upon a time there was a girl called Lexi. She was 10 years old and had a little sister called July, she was 6. One day Lexi went to call on her best friend Bella and July went to call on her best friend Marny. The all decided to go into the forest. When they got to the forest they saw a very bright light.

"What's that over there," said Bella

"You mean that bright light," said Lexi "I dont know,"

"Let's check it out," said Bella

"Good idea," said Lexi

So they followed the light until they saw that the note was the bright light. It was like it was magic.

"What does that say," said Bella "I think it's in Japanise,"

"No, I think it's in Heiroglyphics," said Lexi

"Heiro... what," said Bella

"Heiroglyphics, the egyption language," said Lexi

"...Anyway let's go and get a Hayrolyfins dictionary," said Bella

"I think my mum has one," said Lexi

" Well let's go," said Bella

They went to July and Lexi's house to see if thier mum had a Heiroglyphics dictionary.

"Do you have one," said Lexi

"Yes, but why," said Mum

"Oh yeah, we found this note and we think it's writing in Heiroglyphics," said Lexi

"Ok, do you want me to go with you," said Mum

"Yes please," said Lexi

So they went back to the tree and they found out that it was writing in Heiroglyphics and that it said: Dig a hole below to get an Ancient Suprize.So mum went and got some spades and they all started digging. Thay found a sock, a peice of cloth, a map and a treasure chest.

"The map must lead us to the key for the treasure chest," said Mum

"let's follow it," said July

"Yes," said Marny

"Ok, it says go to the 3rd tree and dig there," said Mum

So they went to the tree and started digging there. They found a little key and put it in the key hole.

"wow, look," said mum "treasure,"

"wait there is a note," said July

" let me see," said mum "It says: Congrats to the winner of this chest you will now have a life of fortune,"

"we're rich," said Bella

"yes," said Marny

They lived happily ever after

The End