The Magic Box 1

The Magic Box
Chapter 1
Why did I have to go in?
Why did I open it?
At least I destroyed it.
20 years earlier...
“I’m so bored,” moaned Alyson. Alyson is a young, beautiful teenager, she has lovely, long, blonde hair. She has big, bright, blue eyes and pink lips. She is always outside or doing something but today she has nothing better to do than watch the clock ticking. Bring Bring . “What?” jumped Alyson. Her phone was ringing. “Hey,” said Katy on the other side of the phone. “Do you want to come to my house today?”
“I’d love to. I’m so bored,” said Alyson. “I’ll be over in 15 minutes,”
“OK,” said Katy.
She rushed downstairs thumping and banging.
“Alyson, stop all that banging, you’re giving me a headache,” said mum feeling her head.
“OK mum,” said Alyson. “Oh and by the way, I’m going to Katy’s,”
“OK,” said mum. “But be back for 6:30. I’m cooking chicken, your favourite.”
“OK,” said Alyson putting her trainers on.
She put her best navy blue coat and stood at the door.
“Bye, mum,” she said and slammed the door.
Off she went to Katy’s.
Chapter 2
Knock, Knock
Katy answered the door. “Hi Alyson,” said Katy. “Come in.”
“Hiya,” said Alyson when she came in the door.
“Mum, Alyson’s here,” said Katy. “Can we go up to my room?”
“Yes, but don’t make a mess,” said Katy’s mum. “Your room is enough of a tip without adding to it.”
“Yes, Mum,” said Katy not really listening.
“So what do you want to do?” asked Katy when they got into her room.
“Don’t know,” said Alyson. “We could make a den.”
“But we can’t do that in the house,” said Katy. “We could go outside.”
“Ok. Let’s go,” said Alyson.
They went outside into the forest that was close to Katy’s house. They played tig for a little while and then they played hide and seek. After that they started to make the den. They sat there for a while then they got bored so they went for a walk. They walked and walked and walked until they saw the end of the forest. When they got out of the forest they saw a big house that must have burned down ages ago...
Chapter 3
They stepped onto the porch. It creaked. They stood in front of what was left of the door wondering what would be inside.
“Wow!” said Alyson. “This place is a total ruin.”
“I know, I wonder who lived here,” said Katy. “Let’s go inside.”
“I don’t know,” said Alyson. “What if something bad happens?”
“What if something good happens,” said Katy. “Look I’m going in, come if you want to.”
Katy turned the door knob very slowly and stepped inside. Alyson kind of had to follow her so she did. It was very dark as there weren’t any lights. Everything went silent.
“KATY!” shouted Alyson. “Come on. Let’s go.”
“Hold on,” said Katy looking at something glimmering in the distance.
“What is that?” asked Alyson looking at it as well.
Katy and Alyson went over to it. It was a little stone. They picked it up and there was another one and another and another. There were lots of little stones. As they took one stone the light got brighter. The light was getting really big but suddenly it went out like a flash. All that was left was a boring old box. They took the box and ran out of the door far away from the house.
Chapter 4
When they got inside the house they threw the box on the bed and went downstairs to get a snack. When they came upstairs they realised the box was gone. They searched through the room for it, and found it in Katy’s drawer. Alyson took the box out and placed it on the bed.
“Wow,” gasped Alyson. “How did it... how did it get from there to there?”
“Let’s open it,” said Katy.
“OK, but see if something bad happens. I’m blaming You,” Alyson says.
“O-K,” Katy says slowly.
Alyson gently unties the rope that is wrapped round it. She takes out the buckle and opens it delicately. A lot of smoke comes out and when she is able to look in it there is nothing there.
“Urg... you got me all worked up about nothing,” said Alyson and she threw the box under Katy’s bed.
“Hey,” said Katy firmly. “Don’t just chuck things about,”
They started arguing but something made them stop.
“Hey,” said a small man in his Irish accent.
“Wow,” gasped Alyson.
They just stood staring at him in shock.
Who was he and why was he here?
Chapter 5
They froze.
“Erm... I’m still here,” said the man. “What’s up with you?”
“Well... Erm...Eh,”said Alyson stiffly.
“Well... forget it. My name’s Lennon and I am a leprechaun,” said the man.
“Lennon what?” said Katy now able to speak.
“Lennon MacAteer,” said Lennon.
“Where did you come from?” asked Alyson.
“The box,” replied Lennon. “I have been trapped in the box for hundreds of years, and now I am free.”
“Hundreds? You look like you’re in your 60’s,” said Alyson.
“Yes but that’s how it works, leprechauns never die,” explained Lennon. “I am in my 60’s; I have been for hundreds of years.”
“Does that even make sense? Never mind,” said Katy. “So... what do you want to do here?”
“Well actually I am going into town, there’s something I have to do,” said Lennon. “But don’t worry I’ll be back.”
So he closed his eyes and mumbled something then he was out like a flash.
“Well, that was weird,” said Alyson.
“Yes... really weird,” replied Katy.
They couldn’t sleep that night. They kept tossing and turning, thinking about Lennon.
Was he real or were they just imagining him?
Chapter 6
The next morning they woke up and everyone was acting weird. They were being mean to each other and arguing.
“What’s up with you, mum?” asked Alyson.
“What’s up with me?” said Alyson’s mum. “Don’t start that cheek, young lady!”
Alyson’s mum was always kind and helpful and hardly ever shouted at her. There must be something wrong.
Alyson grabbed her coat and rushed out the door, she went to call for Katy to ask if her relatives were acting weird, and they were. Katy’s mum was being horrible to everyone.
“Do you think it’s something to do with the little man?”asked Alyson. “Lennon?”
“Probably,” replied Katy. “I mean, were they acting like this yesterday?”
“Good point,” answered Alyson. “Hey, maybe we should Google his name to see what comes up. It’s really unusual to be called Lennon MacAteer.”
They looked on the Internet and found out that MacAteer meant Dark Man. They were really scared after that what if he changed everyone and they couldn’t be normal again.
“It’s all our fault...” whispered Alyson as she backed away from the computer.
They couldn’t talk at all, they were so scared.
What would happen to everybody?
Chapter 7
They went back to the place that they got the box.
Lennon was actually there, sitting on a rock. They grabbed stones and threw them at the box until it was broken. Suddenly Lennon was out like a flash. They saw him floating and he changed. Now he was nice and kind, He thanked them for setting him free and then he floated away.
The Magic Box never harmed them again.