Chapter 1
The Beginning
Once upon a time there was two fearless young girls one called Talaya and one called Amelia. They were best friends. One day Talaya was over at Amelia's house to play when she had a great idea, to find out The Secret Of Halloween. Amelia thought it was a great idea so they met up where nobody was supposed to enter, the rusty old theme park.
Chapter 2
The Theme Park
The theme park is where the dead souls gather for a big ceremony on Halloween night. When they got there they were very worried in case anything bad happened to them. There were quite a few teenage boys at the theme park already carving rude words on the rides. They were even more scared now, Amelia said to Talaya trying to hide that she was scared "maybe we should go now you know hee hee". "Good idea, let's go" whispered Talaya as she didn't want the teenagers to hear.
Chapter 3
The Vision
Ahhhhh!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!! Screamed Talaya as a soul was taking her into a big deep pitch black hole. "Help" shouted Amelia running to the nearest house but nobody answered. "Help" she shouted again but only louder. Suddenly Talaya stopped screaming and shouting, her voice was weaker. Amelia looked behind her and she saw Talaya pale and cold "SHES DYING" she shouted but nobody seemed to care. she burst into tears "I’m so sorry" she said crying."Amelia" said a voice faintuly "Amelia “said the same voice but louder. It was Talaya she was there calling her name.” what? what?" Amelia mumbled and started to wake up "where am I" said Amelia looking at Talaya."OMG Talaya your alive how did yo..."."I’ alive you’re the one that fainted"
Amelia usually has visions but they all turn out real it must have been a mix up right...
Chapter 4
What will I do?
It was 2 days before Halloween and Amelia was in her room thinking about the vision. this is what Talaya has been looking forward to all week and Amelia couldn't just let her down so easily. What if she says that she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore?, what if she goes on her own, what if I'm not there to help her?, what if she suffers? What if she wants me there and I'm not?, I just can’t do it. Maybe it won’t be as bad as it was in the vision maybe it would be better if she didn't know.
Chapter 5
Dressing up
It was 3:30 and Amelia and Talaya were home from school and discussing what they would wear for the Halloween party. Amelia was really nervous being with Talaya and wasn't sure if she wanted to go anymore. She thought it over and decided she would go because she wants to make her last night her night. She tried to help her get into a really scary costume so she would win the contest and it turned out very well. Talaya was going as a zombie bride with blood down her dress (fake of course) and a ring with a branch sticking out of it. Amelia was going as a naughty school girl with blood on her tie (again it's fake) and long socks and her mums ruby red high heels. They both looked AMAZING.
Chapter 6
Halloween Party
They were ready now at the party. They were a little lost when they first got there but then their favourite song came on and they started dancing and laughing. In the other room there was food and drinks so they both got soda water and a hot dog. When they went back through they started dancing again and after all the songs they had he contest. Everyone was wearing pumpkins and witches, warlocks and ghosts Amelia was sure Talaya would win first prize so when the judges got the results they said that in third place it was a pumpkin in second place it was a witch and in first place it was Talaya. Amelia was so happy, so was Talaya. "I won first" said Talaya. "Yes congratulations" Amelia said.
Chapter 7
The Night
It was Halloween Night and Amelia was so afraid she wouldn't stop holding onto Talaya. "What's up with you" whispered Talaya "Nothing, really “Amelia lied they tiptoed along the path incase the ghosts were there. They looked through a broken piece of wood in the fence. There was lots of ghost and witches and things like that. "WOW" said them both. The ghosts and things were talking about the humans being scared of them and they were humans once. “all they want is for humans to stop being scared of them" said Talaya."Ok wish me luck" said Amelia climbing through the fence. “Wait Amelia “shouted Talaya following her.”Erm! Ghosts we are not scared of you “said Amelia "yeh!!!!!"Said Talaya. Everyone looked at them “you no scared us “said one of the ghosts. “you be our friend" said another one "yes we'll all be friends again “said Amelia.
Chapter 8
In The End
In the end they all became friends and the two girls figured out what they wanted to find out in the first place The Secret Of Halloween.

The End