The Island Crash
One dull day on the island of Crystal, 5 young people were packing for their holiday to France. They were going to sail on a little blue boat called Marie-Lou. One of the five people that were going was 27 year old vet, Justin; He had lived on the island for a couple of years now, he moved from Ireland, Dublin. He had black hair and light brown eyes. Another person that was going on the trip was 31 year old lifeguard, Max; he was born on the island and had lived there ever since. He had brown hair and green eyes. Another person that went on the trip was 23 year old dance teacher, Sally. Sally was born in Canada, Ontario and she moved here to start a new life and clear the past. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. 27 year old truck driver, Jason also went on the trip. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He came from America, New York. He wanted to move for a while and found this little island. Last but not least Rosa the 29 year old teacher went on the trip. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was born on the island and lived there ever since.
They were just getting on the boat to sail to France. They started to get hungry so they ate some food in their little picnic basket. They started to get sleepy so they lay down on the boat and fell asleep. They kept sleeping until the boat started swaying. It started swaying more and more, it was a storm. They were so scared and didn’t know what to do. They started to get a leak in their boat; they quickly covered it with an old towel and kept their hands over it. They saw a little island in the distance and jumped out the boat to swim to it. Everyone got there but Sally couldn’t reach it. Max quickly jumped into the water and saved her. She was very cold so Jason wrapped his jumper round her. They stayed on the small, lonely island overnight.
The next day they were woken with the sound of something. It was multi-coloured and was a very weird shape. They were frightened at first but then they realised it was a soft, friendly thing. Rosa held it up high and hugged it. Minutes after that they heard a cruise, Max quickly grabbed his whistle and blew as hard as he could. The man driving the cruise heard the whistle and headed to the little island. The man let them come on the boat with the animal and took them back to Crystal Island. They got home safely and got to keep their little pet.
It was a very odd holiday but one of their favourites.