Chapter 1


Once upon a time there was a girl called Precious. She was 10 years old and lived in a flat in Ireland. She was very smart because she loved to read. At school people made fun of her because she was different. Sometimes people would make fun of her name too. She hated her life and often wished that she would get wizzed away to a different world and live happily ever after(but that only happens in stories dosn't it). Her mum was very young and kind. She didn't have a dad, well obviously she had a dad but she never met him because he got put to jail for breaking into someones house. She hardly ever got letters from her dad so she took good care of them and put them in a cupboard above her bed. Sometimes her best friend Lexi came over, sometimes Lexi bossed Precious about and told her what to do. One day Precious' s mum asked if she wanted Lexi to come over. "What, you want me to play with HER?" replied Precious. "I thought you two were best friends" Said her mum. "Best friends, we are enemies. We were never best friends"said Precious . "Come on, your not usually like this what's wrong"said her mum. "OK, we had a fallen out at school and now she is being all nasty and grumpy" said Precious. "oh, I see. So what are you going to do about it" said her mum. "don't know, maybe I should go to bed and think about it" said Precious. . "OK then "said her mum. So she went to her room and was about to go to sleep when she heard someone call her name, except it wasn't her mums voice it sounded like a little boy. "Hello, who's there" whispered Precious. "It's me Jason" said the voice. "Who are you" asked Precious. "I am Prince Jason" said the voice coming towards her. Precious was amazed. "so you came through my mirror, how did you do that? asked Precious."come on and I'll show you" said Jason taking a hold of Precious' s hand and pulling her through the mirror.(zzaaaammmm)

Chapter 2


"Wow" said Precious "you live here? where is this place?"Ehh, yes I live here and you are on planet Unknown"said Prince Jason. "Planet Unknown, AWESOME!!!!" said Precious. "so tell me about you" said Precious. "well, I am the son of the king and queen. I am 12 and I have 2 dogs, 11 fish, 1 cat, 3 ponies and 2 hamsters."said Prince Jason. "wow, oh I really wish I was you" sighed Precious. "WHAT, I wish I was you" said Prince Jason surprised. They looked at each other. "come with me" said Jason dragging her to the palace. "ok" said Precious happily. They went into the palace, Prince Jason's dad (The king) was waiting for him. "who is this" said the king. "this is Precious, I found her at the human world". "hmmm... a human, what is she doing here" said the king. "she says that she wants to be royal sooooo" said Jason excitedly. " what you want her to come into the castle, no chance" said the king. "oh but plleeeaassseee" said Jason. "NOOOO" shouted the king. "urggg you never give me anything I want" shouted Jason as he walked out the door. "well that didn't work" said Precious sadly. But then she had a great idea. "I know, I could maybe ask my mum if you could come into the house but I dont want to live in that horrible flat"said Precious sadly. "and I don't want my dad to judge me" said Jason sadly. " I know" said Jason brightly. We can get my dad to fall in love with your mum and none of them will feel lonely anymore" said Jason happily. "what a great idea my mum feels lonely and your dad feels lonely" said Precious "but how are we going to get them together".

Chapter 3

The plan

They thought all day the next morning. "I know why dont we .... No" said Precious. "oh, why dont we... No" said Jason. "why don't we bring my mum to this world and take her into the palace so they can fall in love" said Precious. "what a great idea" said Jason. So they went back to the human world where her mum was waiting for her. "whare have you been" shouted her mum. " I' ve been with my friend Jason" said Precious. " well could you not have told me that you were going out or at least tell me that you have a new friend, I was so worried" said her mum starting to cry. " It's ok mum, I promise I will never do it again" said Precious" and to make up for it I'm taking you on a trip", "a trip, where to?" aske her mum. " you'll see" said Precious taking hold of her hand.Why am I doing this thought Precious. "where are we...." said Preccious's mum as she got dragged through the mirror. (zzzzzaaaaaaammm)

Chapter 4

Falling in love

"sweetheart, where are we?" assked Precious's mum. "right, this is going to sound crazy but...." said Precious. "but..... come on tell me" said her mum. "I brought you here for love" said Precious. " what" said her mum "that's crazy". "no mum it's not, this is planet unknown, I thought it was crazy at first but it's not" said Precious "sorry if your mad". "I'm not mad" said her mum gently "it's just a little hard but anyway ,love... who is my love". "come on and I'll show you" said Precious laughing. So they walked into the palace to see if Jason was ready yet, and he was. "so, who is this love" said Jason's dad looking around until he saw Precious and her mum. They looked into each other's eyes. "Is this my love" they whispered at the same time. "It is mum" said Precious. "It is dad" said Jason. Jason's dad asked if she would marry him and she said ...

Chapter 5

The marraige

yes. So the next morning they started to plan the wedding. It had white decorations and a big stage with lots of chairs and tables. "oh it's lovely" said her mum. "I know" said the king. " where's the dress" said Precious. "well your not supossed to see it but I'll show it to you just because you and Jason were the people who got us together in the first place". "ok let's see it" said Precious. They went into her room and there was the dress. "wow, it's beautiful" said Precious. " I know" said her mum. I think I can hear the made quick pretend you weren't in here". " what are you doing?" said the made. "erm, just showing my mum about" said Precious. " oh... ok" said the made. " that was close" said Jason.